DreamHost ” The best web hosting experience ever”

August 28, 2020 By shaka 0

A little bit about DreamHost!

DreamHost is one of the top web hosting providers which has been providing us with great web hosting solutions. The hosting company is individually owned and the privacy and security of websites are well maintained here. DreamHost boasts about a great back-end team where they are willing to receive and solve your queries and issues 24/7. All the installations can be done on the website easily without any hassles with a great uptime up to 99.9%.

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Features of DreamHost

When you own a website, you will always wish for a great web host who performs all the tasks and operations perfectly. Before selecting a web host, considering all the main features for hosting a website is absolutely essential. Below are some features which make DreamHost the best of all.

  • This web host possess some advanced features which will help your website to stand out in the crowd. These features are accessing the raw log files and DreamHost control panel. Under advanced features by DreamHost, you can also enjoy unlimited MYSQL databases and unlimited SFTP users. These advanced features can be best used with the help of DreamHost Coupon.
  • DreamHost provides you with unlimited domain names which will help in making your website unique and popular. Personalization of websites is easy with the help of this web host and you can even make use of the private customized hosting service with the help of various domains.
  • The website builder provided by DreamHost is absolutely amazing and lets you build your dream website. There are different layouts available which will help you to create your site according to your wish and requirements. AlsoDreamHost Review 2020: A Hosting Dream or a Sleepless Nights? » unique and creative themes by DreamHost lets you design your website in the most creative manner which comes along with some stunning filters that you can apply on your site and export it to WordPress without any problem.
  • DreamHost offers you simple hosting plans and backups. The operation of your site should be easy and hassle-free and DreamHost understands it. You can perform the web hosting with no complications with the help of extremely flexible plans and pricing. If you are a beginner here, it is advisable that you go for the Basic plan for website hosting.
  • WordPress Hosting is the most popular web hosting plan under DreamHost. They have upgraded plans to offer you with a good pack of features. Also, it lets you use the cloud computing server access for the website that you are operating.

Pros of DreamHost

  1. Effective Web Hosting Plans and Affordable pricing. These plans come with a bunch of great features too which can make your website outstanding.
  2. You can claim for the credit if you are not satisfied with the performance by DreamHost. According to the policy, there is 97-day money back guarantee in case you want to stop the service.
  3. The web hosting services are absolutely optimized and you need not worry about the speed and performance of the website. DreamHost works with some good servers which ensure high speed and amazing results.
  4. The unique website builder is the main highlight about this web host. DreamHost never fails to make your website look creative and the most unique of all.

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Cons of DreamHost

DreamHost is undoubtedly one of the best web hosts which provides great services and performance. Yet, few points need to be highlighted where DreamHost failed as a great web host.

  • There are certain features provided by this web host which can be absolutely user friendly and adds to the goodness of your site but this need to be done at extra cost.
  • The phone support is not available at times and this is not a good sign. DreamHost needs to ensure that the phone support is available to the users whenever and however they need it.


DreamHost is still very much recommended. It is perfect for those who are beginners in this field and wish to start some new business. When you need to upgrade and migrate your websites more often, DreamHost is the ideal web host for you.