What are the benefits of KnownHost Hosting Providers?

August 19, 2020 By shaka 0

KnownHost is one of the consistent web hosting provider,  which is on the marketplace for even more about a year. It  provide cPanel to its renowned web hosting services, for users like window it is not very familiar. It is located in the Western and Eastern Hemishphere , with the  state-of-the-art technology which supports its clients and customers with comprehensive services. But it may be meaningless to citizens who want located data centres in Asia for using the products.

What are the benefits of KnownHost?

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Wide Range of Plans-

In the literal sense there are various plans to , such as VPS Hosting, Cloud hosting, Resseler Hosting, with a range of options. y As it only offers Linux related services, if you really are searching for a web hosting services  then you need to go for KnownHost. Take a quick look at some of KnownHost ‘s popular plans.

Shared Web Hosting
SSD Control Controlled SSD
VPS of KWM Server
Dedicated Servers

We would highly recommend you go for KW when looking for cloud-shared hosting services, because it offers high-quality Cloud SSD software, LiteSpeed Web server, 24/7 support, and much more etc.

Data Centres-

The storage facilities in Dallas,  and Baltimore Seattle are situated whereas the European facility is in Amsterdam. The data centres run on its most effective power systems and function 24/7 while being willing to provide safety for both the. It was also openly recognized that KnownHost has the latest technology but that its data centres are circumstances throughout the USA.


With regard to security, KnownHost serves its users with layers and layers of safety. The cyber staff of the KnownHost company is in charge of updating the servers in order to maintain the group ahead of the curve for both the safety and the addresses of the current vulnerabilities and cyber espionage. Some of the security patches provided by KnownHost are as follows as  Free Comodo SSL Patchman,  Server Hardening ,  CloudLinux Installation,  WP Brute Force etc.

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Reputed Company

For both consumers and collaborators KnowHost is among the most trustworthy. It was established in the mid 2000’s and since its founding seems to be on a quest to provide the hosting facilities for private users, small to major corporations. The company is privately held, and has clients across the globe in more than hundred countries. With the employee engagement, its services and products are continuously enhanced. The Dual Hex Core Xeons uses high-quality equipment, and utilizes RAPOD 10 stock.

Customer Support

For both organizations, customer support is important for enterprises and consumers respectively.
KnownHost provides the highest-quality online experience for users  with under the response time is 1.7 minutes.  In relation, if you want to contact with the customer team you can e-mail them as it is available  24/7.

Web services on


If you want a very robust and scalable service for hosting. Next the KnowHost should be yours, even though, it is managed by a private company.    If you’re new to hosting, we strongly recommend using the shared hosting plan. Alternatively, KnowHost is the right place for you when you take a gander for VPS and cloud hosting.