Scala Hosting Overview 2020

July 4, 2020 By shaka 0

For all those in search of a faster, reasonably priced and secured web hosting, Scala Hosting is a great choice to go ahead with. It is one of the most renowned brand name in the web hosting service providing industry. The company aims to provide a secure and faster hosting plans to its users.

ScalaHosting Review and 3 reasons why I love it

In this article we will be giving you an over view about Scala Hosting. Take a look;

Well Established Reputation

Scala Hosting has been in the industry from past 13 years giving touch competition to various other well renowned companies in the industry today. The company crossed an incredible journey with numerous loyal followers and with over 50,000 servers provided to the customers. The journey of their success defines their quality of the service.

Self Developed SPanel

SPanel is one of the most significant factor offered by Scala Hosting going beyond the industry standard control panel, cPanel. This SPanel is applicable to the VPS hosting plans and Cloud hosting plans offered by the company. SPanel offers a wide range of alternatives for the users to make a choice from, moreover, it is thoroughly compatible to the cPanel which means for those having a compatibility with cPanel will not find issues in managing and controlling the website using the SPanel. Also, it is also known for providing budget friendly licensing structure and is much more friendly when compared to the cPanel.

Compelling WordPress Management with SWordPress

SWordPress is a reliable WordPress management utility known for offering a practical managed environment to its users for the WordPress Hosting. Besides easy installation and removal of WordPress with an ease, this management utility helps you reset the valuable options which includes resetting the admin password, enabling of auto WordPress updates and can even help your manage the security locks. There are endless options offered by SWordPress that are truly valuable.

Increased Protection SSheild

Web is indeed a dangerous place, one has to safeguard their website from being attacked by fraudulent activities and threats and considering this Scala Hosting’s SShield can help you protect your website from hazardous effects by blocking them instantly. The SShield is 24/7 to monitor and protect your website from false activities. Besides, defensive measures, SShield would also alert you with the attack reports. Also, to keep you updated, it will also provide your with the step that has to be taken for increasing the security of the website for good.

Numerous freebies

Everybody loves freebies especially when it is for a long term just like web hosting. To attract the users and keep them loyal to their services, Scala Hosting provides a bunch of freebies which includes free domain name paired with all the web hosting plans offered by the company, in-built cloudflare content delivery network for faster delivery of the content to the users, free website migration services, automated backups and such more services that never fails to impress anybody.

To conclude,

Scala Hosting is a fast and reliable web hosting time with an incredible uptime and claiming faster performance. The 24/7 customer support team will always be available to help you solve your issues related to web hosting if faced any.

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