PureVPN Review 2020: Pros And Cons

June 30, 2020 By shaka 0

When it comes to VPN Pure VPN is said to be the one of the leading VPN providers in the world. Since their foundation in 2006, they have been providing reliable services. They started out with just 2 servers and now they have upgraded themselves to 2000 servers and those are spread over 180 countries.

If you are worried about the compatibility of the servers then you don’t have to worry about that as their servers are highly compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and Mac. But just like every other they also have some drawbacks. So, let’s check some of the pros and cons of PureVPN.

PureVPN Review: Pros and Cons:



NA VPN has the capacity to connect five devices at once. This VPN is compatible with various devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome and Firefox. d If you own a smart TV, then you can add the PureVPN app to your TV, so that your TV apps remain protected as well. You can attach this to a games console and enjoy a no lag experience while staying safe and protected.


PureVPN takes a very strict approach to your safety. Activity and traffic of users won’t be logged, making sure you stay anonymous at all times. Your IP address will always be masked, so that nobody can ever get that detail. Your remains anonymous, so you can pick an IP address at the location of your choosing.  PureVPN software comes with an ad-blocker too, so you don’t have to worry about all the ads popping on your screen while browsing.


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ are available, if you want to connect to them via social. Live chat is available on their website, and you can almost instantly talk to an expert who is very helpful if you face any problems. There are plenty of FAQs on the PureVPN website and a lot of tutorials available if you need more assistance.


PureVPN has a wide range of servers but sadly not all of them do that well. We also found under the hood that you can’t link to more than 200 sessions a day which probably isn’t a problem for most, but still a minor concern. Tests at U.K. Servers returned a 76Mbps link with speeds of up to 65Mbps which was quite fair. However, as we pushed deeper into Europe, link speeds dropped below the average anticipated.



If you’re willing to commit to a two-year term, PureVPN offers amazing discounts. However, if you are looking for more versatility, you will be charging a premium for their services. PureVPN comes in at $10.95 a month, on a month-to-month basis, which is more costly than most of its rivals.


One of the biggest issues with PureVPN is Security. After a through research it was found that PureVPN logs your bandwidth and timestamps. Well, to some people this might not be that of issue and to some this would be quite a big issue. So, if you are planning to choose pure VPN then just make sure what category you fall in.

Well, these are the pros and cons of PureVPN. As I mentioned before every service provider has some disadvantages. So, while comparing one should compare the pros to the cons and check how they stack up against each other. My recommendation would be that you go for it as I have found PureVPN to be quite helpful. So, get PureVPN for your system as soon as possible and hopefully, the information provided here has been of help to you.