FastComet Hosting Review – How fast is It?

May 8, 2020 By shaka 0

This web hosting service is based in San Francisco and provide us with shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Fastcomet is the provider for WordPress and is known for its extremely reliable performance. It has been providing an uptime of about 99.9%, and it is quite impressive. Fastcomet comes with great accommodation services and is one of the best web hosts which you can choose as the hosting provider for your websites.

FastComet has been widely used as a web host for several websites in 2020. It helps in the most optimal development of your business and comes with some impressive plans with good pricing structures. When you choose a web hosting service provider for your website, low speed and technical problems can affect your business. Hence all such essential features are being taken care of at Fastcomet.

Why choose FastComet?

  • The first reason we will emphasize here is the user-friendliness of this web host. It is extremely easy to use and also very helpful for all its customers. Fastcomet is easily accessible, and the people who are new in this field can easily handle this.
  • Fastcomet has good quality webmail. The plans designed under Fastcomet provide extensive webmail services by which you can access your email through Fastcomet’s webmail.
  • The applications under Fastcomet are extremely helpful and easy to manage. There are numerous applications available if you are a Fastcomet web host user. This makes your work easy and productive too.
  • Multiple website hosting is possible with Fastcomet. This feature is applicable when you choose the medium and advanced plan of Fastcomet. This is an excellent option, and you must go for this plan to try this out.
  • The server availability is, of course, a great deal. If the server is down, the websites will also not work properly, and it will affect your business. You can be totally assured of good server speed and availability while using Fastcomet. The uptime of the site is over 99.9%. 

Pricing and Plans under Fastcomet

When you research about Fastcomet, you will realize that this web host comes with some great service plans along with some amazing customer-oriented services. 

Under Shared Hosting Plans, which is powered by cPanel, you will get three plans, which are explained below.

  • FastCloud: This comes at $2.95/mo. This is the basic and the starting plan, which is the best option if you are a beginner here and want to start the online venture quickly and smoothly. As part of the website starter kit, when you choose this plan, you will get 350+ templates for your websites and unlimited email accounts. The app can be easily installed and upgraded, and everything is for free.
  • FastCloud Plus: It comes at $4.45/mo. This is the best plan under FastComet, which will help in the extensive development and growth of your website. Under this plan, you will enjoy certain advanced features like free Dynamic SSL seal, unlimited add on domains, free private DNS, and 2X CPU and RAM. Apart from these advanced features, you will also be enjoying basic benefits like free website transfer, multiple websites, free domain transfer, cPanel, and Softaculous along with 25GB SSD space.
  • FastCloud Extra: This comes at $5.95/mo. This plan is the best option if you wish your website to have some advanced power, highly flexible, and also a great performance at an affordable price. Since this plan is a bit extra than other plans, you will enjoy some rocket booster features here like 3x more CPU and RAM, Varnish Cache and WAF, 30 days daily backup, Memcached, and LiteSpeed LSAPI. Apart from these great features, you will be availed with multiple websites, free domain transfer, free website transfer, cPanel, and Softaculous along with 35GB SSD Space.

Fast comet is known for always introducing some good discounts on the plans that they offer. They have a good quality-price balance, and also these plans are highly competitive with each other because of their great features. Each plan is outstanding and helps in the proper functioning of the website. 

Pricing Promotions and Payments

The service plans are highly affordable and effective at the same time too. For some people, it might turn out to be a bit pricey, but it’s all for a good cause. 

  • FastCloud: It comes with 70% discount when you contract the service 
  • FastCloud Plus: This comes with a 60% discount when you choose this plan
  • FastCloud Extra: It comes with a 50% discount when you hire this service plan.


Fastcomet is a good web host service provider. It has been providing great results, and users are satisfied with the way their websites have been performing so far. 

The administration is simply easy with Fastcomet with the help of interface and is compatible with both cPanel and WordPress. The speed of the websites is also great under Fastcomet, and this international hosting server is an ideal option for your business.