What Is Artificial Intelligence With Examples

April 20, 2020 By shaka 0

Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science which highlights the development of machines or robots which can think, speak and move like a human. They are programmed in such a way that they can do the daily activities with just a command or by pressing one button. There is about 36% of speech recognition in the field of artificial intelligence.

In this era of technology, there are a lot of applications of artificial intelligence you can see around you in homes or offices which makes life smart and easier. Now it is used in many sectors like business, medical, education, manufacturing, law and even agriculture. Let us understand what artificial intelligence is with examples.


Siri is the personal assistant in iPhone and iPad. She has a female friendly voice. You need to just command her by your voice and it will respond to you accordingly whatever you ask her. She helps in providing information, adding events to the calendars, making voice calls, sending messages, etc. This is the classic example of artificial intelligence.


Now everywhere artificial intelligence has its application. It is not limited to smartphones, as it is also used in automobiles. If you like cars, then you must be knowing about Tesla. In these cars, you will find extraordinary features and impressive use of artificial intelligence like self driving, predictive features and other innovative ideas are used to make it best of the automobiles.


This is the best point to understand what artificial intelligence is with examples. Now AI is also being used for entertainment purposes. Netflix is a well known platform for watching movies, shows, etc. It gives you recommendation by the use of predictive technology on the basis of your choice, interest, behaviors, etc. and this is possible because of artificial intelligence. It world on the basis of your previous watching and searching.

Flying drones:

Who thought that one day it will be possible to shoot from above without helicopters. Flying drones are the great innovation which are used for many purposes like for shooting with camera, for patrolling, as a spy, etc and still testing is going on for 3D capturing and other improvements.


It is introduced by Amazon and is getting better with time. It can switch off the lights, dim the lights, play the music, tell the news, provide traffic and weather updates, etc.

So this is all about what is artificial intelligence with examples. Hope you get some idea about AI now.