How to block unwanted websites on your android smartphone?

October 30, 2020 By shaka 0

Android is now the most commonly used mobile OS and is well known for its benefits and ease of use. The Play store that is operated under Android possess millions of apps which can be useful for all types of users. When we are using a smartphone, we might come across various websites which we don’t want to see or use. To block such websites online is a very common desire. This situation arises mainly in order to avoid certain distractions from hampering your work or productivity. The process of blocking a website is an easy process and won’t consume much of your time.

There can be many websites which you wish to completely block for many reasons. One of those reasons could be is to avoid botheration. Another reason could be to prevent your child from using certain websites if they take your phone for some time to play games.  The process of blocking a website is simple and can be done easily without you facing any problem during the entire process.

All you need to do is download one app called BlockSite.  After installing this app, you can block all those websites which you don’t wish to use or want it on your android phone. With the help of BlockSite, all those unwanted websites can be bookmarked and then further block them. You can even schedule the blocking of sites when you are in middle of some work. This app can control all the listed websites and the URLs which are restricted by you.

Blocking certain sites on chrome or any internet platform, will apparently help in increasing your self-productivity. Plus, the process is also quite simple and you can get it done whenever you want to. BlockSite is the most effective way of blocking websites on Android smartphones.

BlockSite comes with various effective features like-

  • Allows you to take in charge of all the contents that you wish to see on your mobile.
  • Routines and app time limit can be fixed for all your social media accounts.
  • The built-in porn blocker helps to restrict all the unwanted adult sites from popping on your smartphone.
  • This app can also block various other mobile apps and URLs and these won’t bother you in future.
  • You can also set a password for your BlockSite app which can be accessed only by you.
  • Installed apps on the mobile can also be blocked by BlockSite.

I hope this article helps you in some way. BlockSite is an effective app if you wish to restrict certain websites and apps from bothering you.