How To Access Dark Web?

May 12, 2020 By shaka 0

There are many web sites which we visit or use on a daily basis. They carry importance and have their own efficiency which they provide to the viewers and the internet users. Those sites can be Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, Facebook and Amazon. But apart from these sites, there are some websites that are hidden and are not so available and visible to the general public. Such sites which carry less visibility in them are known as dark web or deep web.

These websites which are generally known as Dark web sites have hidden IP addresses. They have encrypted networks and their IP address can’t be seen by the public. People who are using such sites have great amount of protection of their identity. If they are making use of these sites, they can maintain their anonymity.

There are several websites which operate in this manner and hence their collection is known as the Dark net. In some cases, accessing the dark web can not be safe but still there are some ways by which you can safely gain access to the dark web. The main gateway to the Dark web is the Tor browser.

It is an encrypted network which will apparently monitor the user’s internet connections and help in routing them. When you try to connect to such anonymous sites, you are not directly connected to these sites, but you get connected to the relays first. These systems are highly decentralized and also are very fast and powerful. One of the easiest ways by which you can gain access to these dark websites are by installing the Tor browser.

Once you start operating it, you will get a set of URLs, which might be very complex and unique and also difficult to remember. These dark websites often change their URLs in order to avoid any kind of detection and attacks.

Using the best VPN service should always be taken as advice and this should be considered with utmost seriousness. This will always protect your website and maintain its anonymity. You can also accept Bitcoin as your payment mode.