Applications of Artificial Intelligence

April 10, 2020 By shaka 0

Well, the Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science for building smart machines which is capable of performing tasks like human being.  By using the technologies computers where it is trained to accomplish specific tasks by processing large amount of data and recognizing patterns in the data. So, there are lot many applications of artificial Intelligence which is used different sector to improve our daily lives. Also, artificial Intelligence have become a critical part of today lives and able to assists in every scenario. Below are the best examples of artificial intelligence.

Health Care

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The important thing that people require in today’s world is health. Health is considered as the wealth and at the rate at which people are compromising on it. Artificial Intelligence will help in responding to the questions which are asked for. So, it will enable the workflow assistants which can help the doctors to free their schedules and reduce the time and cost process. With the Artificial Intelligence, technology will help pathologists in analyzing samples and give the remedy for the diagnosis to be more accurate.


Nowadays people will relive on real-time reporting, accuracy and processing of bigger amount of data for making some crucial decisions. With the efficiency and effectiveness of business where it is able to implement the machine learning. So, the adaptive intelligence, chatbots and automation will help to smoothen out the business process. Also, this process will happen with the help of robotic process automation and reduces the tasks which are performed by the people.


Technology and education: an evolving alliance

Sometimes it must be difficult to manage the work for teacher in grade homework and tests for large lecture courses where maximum amount of time is spent to consume for interacting with the students, prepare for class or work on professional development. So, with the help of artificial intelligence, teacher work can be made easy but it will never replace the people’s work which is close to it. Also, applications of artificial intelligence can be benefit for helping in automated grading system for checking multiple choice questions, fill in the blank and automated grading of students can be done in a less time.

There are few other applications which can be done and reduce the people’s work. But above ones are the best applications of artificial intelligence that helps in different sector to improve our daily lives. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about best examples of artificial intelligence.